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  • How Much Does Solar Cost?
    Your solar investment depends on how many panels your home needs, the positioning of your home and the available incentives in your area.
  • Can Solar Really Eliminate My Electric Bill?
    Your electric bill is a combination of a handful of different charges. For most homeowners we can eliminate your electric bill down to the basic service charge. Here in NY it’s about $15 a month.
  • What If I Sell My Home?
    According to Zillow in their recent study. Home with solar sell on average of 4.1% more across the country. In New York they found that the premium your home will sell for is the highest in the country at 5.4% Here is a link to their study
  • Who Warranties The Solar Panels?
    All of the panels we offer come with a manufactures 25 year panel performance guarantee. Please see the manufacturers' warranty for details, which is available upon written request.
  • Do Solar Systems Need Maintenance?
    Luckily solar needs virtually no maintenance. Solar systems don’t have any moving part and are expected to last 25+ years. They do not need oil changes like a car or recharging like an air conditioning unit. The way the system is designed the rain does the little washing they might need.
  • Will Everything Work The Same In My House?
    Yes, once the power has been converted by the inverter it’s the exact same power as your home is used to. You won’t even notice a difference.
  • What If I Already Need A New Roof?
    If you need a new roof this a great time to have it redone. Luckily the solar incentives may also apply towards your new roof.
  • What If This Doesn’t Work?
    The process of going solar is set up to ensure that doesn’t happen. By the time we can install the solar panels, we’ve had to get permission to install from your utility company, they insure the way we are connecting it correct by our electriians single line diagram. We’d have to have gotten electrical & building permits from the DOB. A registered architect with the city of NY will have to approve the plan set. By the time we are ready to install everyone will have had to double check our work.
  • Will My Roof Leak?
    No, the mounting system was invented by roofers to insure there are no roof leaks. A piece of flashing slides up and under your shingle to prevent any water from getting to the penetration. We also don’t need to cut any shingles therefor not voiding any manufacture warranties.
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